Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) and other hard commercial flooring

Susquehanna Clean offers a full array of VCT and hard surface care services. VCT is widely used as it is durable, and with proper maintenance, long lasting and attractive for commercial applications. To keep the tiles from becoming stained, scratched, and to keep the floor looking its best, it is important to maintain a proper protective layer of wax on the tiles.

We offer stripping, waxing, top-scrub and recoat, deep scrub cleaning, and buffing services. Our goal is to develop a facility care plan that is both effective and economical for the owner or lease holder. Often, intervals of deep scrub cleaning and buffing can prolong the finish and keep it looking amazing, which cuts down on cost and inconvenience associated with strip and refinish services. In addition, if the floor has a good base layer of quality wax, a top scrub and recoat can be a great way to have a newly waxed floor at a reduced cost.

Susquehanna Clean uses an industry leading, high solids durable wax finish on all our VCT jobs. This ensures you get the longest lasting and best looking finish possible.

We also offer maintenance services for Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), polished concrete, epoxy finish, and similar flooring types.

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